Frequently Asked Questions

Does the HSRA come with an air compressor?

No. The HSRA comes with an Air Cylinder Lift Kit, but you must supply your own air compressor.

Does the HSRA come with an Air Cylinder Lift Kit?

Yes, the Air Cylinder Lift Kit is included with all HSRAs.

How big should the air compressor be if I don’t have one?

The HSRA’s only use air when the rubber roller moves up or down.  That amounts to about 6 cu in of air up or down.

A small pancake style would be sufficient as long as it supplies 100-120 psi.  Take into consideration that the smaller the receiver, the more often that the compressor will have to run.  A good compromise is a 10 to 20 gallon receiver.

How much air pressure should I use?

3M usually recommends starting out at 80 psi.  Then the operator can increase or decrease pressure as needed.

Is the Rubber Roller going up or down unevenly?

Working from the crank end, adjust the upper speed control valve to speed up or slow down the upward movement of the roller, and adjust the lower speed control valve to speed up or slow down the downward movement of the roller.

The speed control valves are located on the top and side of each air cylinder.

Is the sheeting runnning off to one side or wrinkling on one side?

This problem usually occurs with a narrow blank on a bigger machine.

The application has to take place with the narrow blank in the middle of the roller to assure that the roller rests evenly across the sign face.  It is easier to work up next to the crank using a dummy  blank on the other end to support the roller and keep it straight,

See the last video under the HSRA instructional videos for a demonstration of this technique.

Is there air leaking out of the muffler on the back of the 2 position valve?

This condition usually indicates that one or both air cylinders are leaking air past the piston seals, or that the 2 position valve is worn out.

With the handle in the DOWN position, air pressure is applied to the top of the piston.  Carefully remove the LOWER air line on one of the cylinders (there should be no air pressure on that line) and see if there is air leaking out of the cylinder fitting. If there is, that cylinder is leaking air past the piston seal. Repeat the same thing for the other cylinder.  If there is no air leaking out of the cylinder fittings, the cylinders are OK.  The 2 position valve is where the problem is.

What is the warranty on your product?

All HSRA’s and accessories are warranted for 1 year on parts.

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